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In the following, you will find all entries that can be booked to optimally present your company, products, services, and solutions in the official trade fair media at glasstec 2018.

We provide the following media channels:

  • The printed catalogue (7,000 copies)
  • The Visitors' Guide, free of charge for visitors (50,000 copies)
  • The online portal at including the exhibitor and product search
  • Trade fair app (available in the app store and GooglePlay)
  • D:vis (Digital visitor information system)
  • Videowall and site plans on site at fair ground

Below you may find a thematic list of the media entries. You can also view a complete overview of all products at any time here.

Please note that the basic entry (company name, address, contact information as well as hall and stand numbers) is already included in your media lump sum and affords you a basic presence in the media. This entry is obligatory and therefore must be completed. The company name and address will be taken from your registration forms.


1. Marketing packages

Our three package offers (Start, Professional, and Premium) include our most important and popular products. Your company and products will attain an outstanding, cross-media presence in the official media channels with our packages for a noticeably discounted price compared to individual orders of the same entries.

If you want to order further entries in addition to your package, you may of course do so. 

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1. Marketing_Pakete.jpg

2. Unternehmenspräsentation.jpg

2. Company presentation

Here you will find comprehensive options to present your company and trademarks in the various media channels. Place your logo in the media, share more about your company with a customizable advertising text, or offer visitors an overview of your trademarks. This way you can be found easily by existing and potential new clients.

Click here to go to the company presentations


3. Product presentation

Countless visitors are looking for suppliers of a particular product or a special service. These potential clients will use the product directory to research new contacts and business partners that fit their needs.

Increase your chances to get in contact with new customers by presenting your company in the relevant product categories. In the product directory, you can increase visibility by booking a logo in the catalogue or by ordering a top of the list entry so your company appears in one of the top three spots in your most important categories, in order to stick out among your competition.

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3. Produktpräsentation.jpg

4. Digitale Banner.jpg

4. Display and banner advertisements

Take advantage of the extensive preparation time of visitors and make yourself visible by placing a banner in the glasstec online portal. You have a choice between various subpages on the website (such as the homepage or under Exhibitors & Products) and banner sizes (from Button to Billboard banners). This makes it possible to find the right banner for every budget!

It is also possible to place customized advertisements in the fair app and on the eTickets to effectively distribute your message.

You can additionally highlight your online entries in the portal with a video about your company and products or a premium listing.

Click here for a complete overview of all banner advertisements


5. Print advertisements

Whether visitors use the print media to organize their experience at the trade fair or afterwards at home or in the office for follow-up research, your advertisement in the catalogue or Visitors' Guide will appear prominently for your target audience.

We offer you limited and visible positions, for example advertisements on the cover pages or bookmarks, that will grab the attention of visitors!

Click here to view all advertising spots in the printed media

5. Print Anzeigenwerbung.jpg

6. Displaywerbung und Messewegweiser.jpg

6. Advertising on site at glasstec

If you are interested in advertising on the trade fair grounds at the glasstec, we also have interesting options available. Visitors can find a local version of the online portal on the D:vis terminals (Digital visitor information system). Here you have the possibility to place an exclusive advertisement on the terminal in your hall or on the printouts of the terminals.

At Entrance North (the main entrance), the six meter high video wall is particularly noticeable, on which you may also place your logo or customized advertisement. Catch the visitor’s eye as they enter the trade fair and lead them directly to your stand! These positions can be combined especially well with your logo on the site plans placed around the grounds, assuring your company is optimally placed for visitor navigation. 

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